Catch 25 years - Catch-22: 50th Anniversary Edition: Joseph Heller.

The novel's title refers to a plot device that is repeatedly invoked in the story. Catch-22 starts as a set of paradoxical requirements whereby airmen mentally unfit to fly did not have to do so, but could not actually be excused. According to the novel, people who were crazy were not obliged to fly missions, but anyone who applied to stop flying was showing a rational concern for his safety and was, therefore, sane and had to fly. By the end of the novel, it is invoked as the explanation for many unreasonable restrictions. The phrase "Catch-22" has since entered the English language , referring to a type of unsolvable logic puzzle sometimes called a double bind .

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Catch 25 YearsCatch 25 YearsCatch 25 YearsCatch 25 Years