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Friends become frenemies...or vice versa today. Changemaker Uranus wakes up from a five-month nap in your friendship sector, giving your social network a little shakeup. Has your close-knit crew started feeling like a confining clique? Insularity is not your style, Gemini; you don't like anyone putting limits on who you can hang with. Uranus has a revolutionary quality, so if you're looking for a new crowd, the edgy avant-garde or in-the-trenches humanitarians might be the ones you bond with best. Some of you might just join or start a band (touring schedule to come).

The relative prevalence of IPV against men to that of women is highly disputed between different studies, with some countries having no data at all. Some researchers believe the actual number of male victims is likely to be greater than law enforcement statistics suggest due to the high number of men who do not report their abuse. [4] For both men and women, domestic violence is among the most underreported crimes worldwide. [5] [6]

Intimate Strangers CharmIntimate Strangers CharmIntimate Strangers CharmIntimate Strangers Charm