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5. Battery-powered heated gloves may be for people who ride bikes, but you'll be happy to have them for just walking around inside.

 · from the magazine How Grease Beat the Odds and Became the Biggest Movie Musical of the 20th Century

Short trousers, terminating three to four inches above the knee, commonly worn by men in Bermuda (with knee-socks and a blazer and tie) for business attire and even at cocktail parties. [13] [14] They are available in a wide range of colors, ranging from conservative grey and navy, to brighter hues such as orange, green and pink. [14] Despite their name, they are not of Bermudian origin, but were originally designed around 1900 for military wear by the British armed forces in tropical climates. [14] From the 1920s onwards these military uniform shorts began to be copied by Bermudian tailors and civilians, and were subsequently taken up by tourists who spread the style around the world. [14] The tourists who appropriated the style wore Bermuda shorts almost exclusively as casual wear. [14]

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Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich were the daughters of a post-suffrage generation, meaning that the taste for a fierce type of independence and a need to shake conventional gender norms were likely on their radar. It's no wonder that the two stand out in Old Hollywood for their androgynous tendencies and flippant attitudes towards society's idea of femininity. From Hepburn walking around in her silk underwear on set until her confiscated pants were returned to her to Dietrich kissing a woman on screen while wearing a bow tie and top hat, these women weren't about to let their gender dictate how they should behave. And they expressed that casually through a middle finger in the form of pants.

20th Century Hot Pants20th Century Hot Pants20th Century Hot Pants20th Century Hot Pants